Instagram Feed Carousel Examples

You can adjust various slider settings such as loop, rewind, dots & arrows, autoplay & speed, etc. for each widget. Also you can change colors, arrows and dots styles globally.


Simple Feed Style and Rounded Arrows

This demo is demonstrating Instagram feed in carousel slider:

  • 3 Columns on desktop, 10 posts per page
  • Item style: content overlay image on hover
  • Image overlay on hover
  • Elements "Move up" Animation on Hover
  • Show Post Date, Description, Likes, Comments
  • Images instead of Video and Album in grid
  • Enable Popup
  • Show dots, centered
  • Show Arrows. Rounded, half outside.

Autoplay and Sharp Arrows

This example demonstrating item style with content on hover with autoplay set to 2 sec. Both navigation arrows and dots are enabled. Arrows style set to sharp, half outside.

Boxed Carousels

Example of carousel for boxed style items with content below image. First example without items height stretch.

Boxed example with items height stretch to the tallest item.



Example of a circle styled images. Content appears on hover above image. Image zoom out on hover.

Rounded Carousels

You can set any border radius for images and items. First example demonstrating border radius set to 16px. Content appears on hover above image. Image zoom in on hover.

Item and image Border radius set to 10px. Content below image, boxed style enabled. Image zoom out on hover.


These are just some example of what you can do. Mix options to achieve desired results. Don't hesitate to let us know if you need some more layouts or options!